Clyde gas condensing boilers come in two complimentary ranges – stainless steel heat exchangers and aluminium heat exchangers.

In all installations, and especially boiler replacement situations, we recommend that the boilers are hydraulically decoupled from the system by a Low Velocity Header or Plate Heat Exchanger.

The new Clyde Modulex now has an output range from 100 to 1200 kW.  A new burner design reduces N0x emissions to between 25 and 27 mg/kWh and all models are ERP Class A.  This is a truly modular boiler with a turn-down ratio of up to 50:1.  It has an aluminium / magnesium / silicon alloy heat exchanger that is light, strong and resistant to corrosion.  A new Ufly P control system is simpler and more responsive and enables connection to WiFi, Lan or Smartphone APP.

There are 2 size ranges:
100 to 350 kW – Download Datasheet EDS 826
440 to 1200 kW – Download Datasheet EDS 827

Clyde Unical XC-K is a large water content and high output stainless steel boiler, with outputs from 124 to 2160 kW. A range of modulating and 2-stage burners, together with high and low temperature return connections, ensure an efficiency of up to 109% net – Download Datasheet

Clyde CG wall-mounted boilers have outstanding outputs of 60 to 180 kW. The stainless steel heat exchanger is robust but compact. They incorporate an internal primary pump, weather compensation and cascade control for up to 12 boilers. CG boilers can be installed with conventional Type B flues or concentric Type C – Download Datasheet

CG boiler frames are available as both free-standing supports for the boilers and complete pipework connection kits – Download Datasheet