All of the spares we supply are from the original equipment manufacturer so there are no compliance issues or risks from using unapproved spares.

We provide a full range of spares for the following Clyde boiler ranges;

CK5, CK10, CK30, CK40, CK60 forced draught boilers
GOP, GOE, 324, 324E gas atmospheric boilers
205, 305, 405, 505, 605, 315, 515, 615 forced draught boilers
CG, Alkon, Modulex, GB112, SB315, SB615, SB735 gas condensing boilers
Ellprex, Trio, SK625, SK725 steel boilers

We supply combustion-related and controls spares (but not cast iron sections) for;

045, 045E,045M, CV90, CV100 gas atmospheric boilers
031, 351, 451 forced draught boilers
Clyde K series burners (electrodes only)
We can provide Installation/servicing manuals with spares orders